Ambislim Reviews

January 7th, 2010

Does Ambislim Really Work?

If you want to literally lose weight in your sleep while obtaining better sleep, AmbiSlim is the choice for you. It is the only dual action product that we have found to come through. It starts out with the best natural ingredients meant to promote deeper and healthier sleep. The customer reviews confirm it. This product helps you to get the deeper sleep you want to help you to be ready to face the day.

Its ingredients include garcinia cambogia, decaffeinated green tea, slimaluma, chromium polynicotinate, guggulsterones, dandelion root, coleus forskohlii, cinnamon extract, valerian root, passion flower, hops flower, jujube root, phenibut, chamomile extract, and melatonin. So as you can see, it has the perfect blend to ensure that you see both types of results. You can get stimulant free weight loss as well as a better night’s rest.

Sleep has been connected to better overall wellbeing, and frankly even one hour of sleep can make a huge difference in your ability to function and your body’s ability to act and react appropriately. It can even regulate your natural REM cycles, allowing you to sleep more soundly and effectively on your own over time. This product is without question unique, providing an effect you won’t find with anything else.

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April 20, 2014